MY HELP is a Christian group serving the Mustang/Yukon and surrounding areas.

MYHELP is in agreement with the objectives of Oklahoma Christian Home Educator’s Consociation. We are here to encourage, uplift, and edify you in your homeschooling efforts. We desire to be an agent in the strengthening of your abilities, while preserving your independence as a parent/teacher.

You have made a conscious choice to become personally involved in your children’s education. Your commitment to that will be supported by MYHELP. This year will bring its share of difficulties and challenges, but the Lord is faithful and will honor your commitment by empowering you with His strength. Your reward will be a rich relationship with your children that few parents experience in today’s world.

Please review the Policies & Procedures Handbook.

May God richly bless you as you teach your children in His ways.

The MYHELP Steering Team